Pan Searing Scallops in Butter, olive oil and fresh garlic and thyme -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
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The Best Winter Citrus To Use In Scallop Dishes
From November through March, in-season winter citrus fruits can be found in bulk at your local grocery store, which can be used to add color and zing to a number of dishes. You may not think to pair citrus with scallops, but the combo makes for a healthy and delicious meal with vibrant flavors, and this is the best fruit to use.
Grapefruit marvelously with white fish, but also scallops, with a brightness and bitterness that balance out the seafood's briny flavor. Cookbook author Andy Baraghani explains that "Scallops beg to be paired with acid […] and grapefruit is one of the most complex acids, where it has this sweet tanginess and bitterness at once."
Other scallop recipes include herbs like pine and tarragon, which offset the oceanic flavor with a little earthiness, or try incorporating bacon and capers for extra saltiness. You can also be extremely simple and really let the seafood and citrus take the lead with little to distract from the union of fresh and tart with salty and savory.