Whiskey being poured into a glass with ice
The Best Whiskey To Mix With Ginger Ale For A Classic, Refreshing Drink
Whiskey ginger is a classic mixed drink, but since it relies on only two ingredients — whiskey and ginger ale — it's important to consider a few facts before choosing a whiskey.
Ginger ale is sweeter and more subdued than ginger beer, with the same sharp kick of ginger, so it’s able to mask the flavor of cheap whiskeys.
Thus, low to mid-shelf whiskey is a perfectly acceptable option. From there, consider what flavors you enjoy best, whether bold spices or a milder sip.
For bold flavors, use a rye whiskey like High West Double Rye! or Redemption Rye. For a softer cocktail, try a bourbon like Four Roses Straight Bourbon or Michter's.