Cut up passionfruit next to a jar
The Best Ways To Tell Passionfruit Is Ripe And Ready To Eat
Passionfruit is surprisingly tart and sweet, but only if it's ripe. Unripe passionfruit could be a sour-tasting reminder of reality, so it's crucial to know the signs of ripeness.
According to Fine Cooking, you can tell a fruit is ripe by its weight. Ripe passionfruit will feel heavy for its size and will have a little give when you squeeze it.
Passionfruit comes in many colors, including purple, yellow, orange, and red. At the grocery store, look for one that's darker in tone, which indicates ripeness.
When a passionfruit is very ripe, it will look wrinkly on the outside, according to Better Homes and Gardens. This means the fruit has reached its peak and should be cut into.