Photo showing a close-up, elevated view of pile of watermelon slices, which have been cut into pie-shaped wedges.
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The Best Ways To Store Watermelon Cuts For The Freshest Results
Cutting up a watermelon is no easy feat, and whether you’re slicing it into wedges or bite-sized pieces, here's how to keep it fresh so your hard work doesn't go to waste.
Although watermelon wedges are best eaten right after cutting, you can wrap up any leftovers in plastic wrap or foil and set them in the fridge to keep the juices in.
If your watermelon is in cubes, you can simply store them in an airtight container in the fridge, and they should still be eaten quickly before the juices begin to drain.
If you can’t eat all that fruit in a few days, you can freeze watermelon, but doing so will drastically change the texture, so you may want to only use it for smoothies.