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The Best Ways To Keep Lettuce Fresh
Original Packaging
If you're not trying to save lettuce that you've grown yourself, then storing it can actually be very easy. Since lettuce and other kinds of salad mixes need enough moisture and air to stay fresh, all you need to do is use the original packaging or bag that the lettuce came in.
Another way to keep lettuce fresh without risking low airflow is prepping it and storing it on a plate in the fridge. Whether you are storing lettuces you grew yourself or you have bunches of romaine or iceberg heads from the grocery store, this method will keep them as fresh as possible.
Resealable Container
If you have delicate salad greens or lettuces such as arugula, spinach, or even a baby spring mix, they might need more coverage to prevent getting damaged or too dry in the fridge. You need something with more structure than a flexible bag, and the lettuce should be kept in the crisper drawer in the fridge for the best air and humidity control.
Paper Towels
To keep lettuce good for up to 10 days, turn to paper towels. Start with clean, dry leaves and roll them up as tightly as possible in paper towels without crushing or pinching the leaves, then place the paper towel-covered lettuce inside a resealable bag, press as much air out of the bag as possible, and store it in the crisper drawer.