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The Best Ways To Cook 16 Popular Cuts Of Beef
Ribeye — Pan Sear
It’s debated whether a grill or cast iron pan is the premier way to cook a juicy ribeye. Still, cast iron delivers an unbeatable sear, compared to other methods.
Ribeye steak is from the rib primal behind the shoulder and above the backbone. Searing it in cast iron develops a flavorful crust and brings out the flavor of the marbling.
NY Strip — Grill
Located between the ribs and sirloin under the backbone, the NY strip is a tender, flavorful cut that's well-marbled, making it a top choice for the grill.
If you time it right, your steak will have a crispy, caramelized crust on the outside and a tender chew on the inside, ending in a bite that's bursting with rich, savory beefiness.
Prime Rib — Roast
Unlike a steak, a large roast requires a lengthy cooking time. Use high-heat and then low-n-slow or switch it up and reverse the sear for a juicy prime rib roast.
This roast requires two things: 10 to 15 minutes (depending on size) at 500 F to sear the outside and low and slow for the win either in a warm oven or when the roast is resting.
Brisket — Smoke
Although this cut is great in burgers or braised, smoking the brisket imparts an earthiness that you'd be hard-pressed to get with other cooking methods.
Whether you opt for a dry spice rub or a tangy sauce, smoke your brisket with a cooking wood that’s rich, sweet, fruity, or nutty to complement the flavors in your recipe.
Burger — Pan Sear
Grilling burgers may seem like the way to go, but pan-frying creates a better texture, preserves the internal juices, and is less likely to burn the outside.
Cook your burgers in a pan to develop a nice sear while keeping the insides of the patties juicy, tender, and more easily cooked to your desired level of doneness.