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The Best Way To Wash Your Dishes When You Don't Have Running Water
According to Mulberrys Garment Care, the average American spends almost 6 hours a week on washing dishes, and we don't need a survey or study to know that many of us find dishwashing to be a fairly annoying chore. This task becomes even more difficult when you don't have access to running water — difficult, but not impossible.
If you want to go on a camping trip or drive cross-country in a van, you must prepare for a lack of running water. To clean your dishes without a working sink, all you need are some rags, one large tub of water to wash your dishes, and another two tubs to remove the soap from your plates, pots, pans, and utensils.
Soak your dishes in the first tub and wash them with dish soap and a rag, move them to the next tub to rinse the soap off, then rinse them one more time in the last tub before drying them. To make sure that you don't harm the environment, use biodegradable soap and dump out your tubs of water at least 200 feet away from rivers or lakes.