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The Best Way To Use Your Leftover Asparagus Ends
Whether it’s roasted, grilled, blanched, baked in a tart, or smothered in chorizo and egg, asparagus is prized for its unique vegetal flavor and toothsome crunch. However, one annoying thing about asparagus is the waste that comes from the tough, woody ends of the purple-tinged green stalks.
As is often the case, soup can be a savior, and if you’re really looking to maximize your asparagus haul, you can try this tip from Martha Stewart Living. Rather than snapping the spears, trim off just the very end where it looks dry, and use a vegetable peeler to scrape away the thick skin of the widest portion to reveal the still tender heart.
Scraps can turn to treasure, and when it comes to chopping and preparing asparagus, that is certainly the case. So, when spring turns to summer, remember to keep boiling those asparagus ends, candying citrus peels, and pickling watermelon rinds.