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The Best Way To Tell If Your Serrated Knife Needs To Be Sharpened
Colloquially known as a “bread knife,” a serrated knife is easy to recognize due to the toothlike grooves on the blade. Serrated knives are essential to cut through foods with thick exteriors, and like all knives, they need to be sharpened to keep working efficiently — however, it can be hard to tell when serrated knives have gone dull.
To see if your serrated knife needs to be sharpened, MasterClass suggests using the bread test: simply take a loaf of bread and use the knife to slice off a piece. If you struggle a bit to get the knife all the way through the bread, and you're left with a lot of crumbs all over your cutting board afterward, it’s time to sharpen the knife.
MasterClass adds that you don’t want to sharpen serrated knives too often, since the grooves prevent the blade from rubbing against cutting surfaces very hard, meaning these knives dull much more slowly than others. Depending on how often you use a serrated knife, it can go several years without needing to be sharpened.