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The Best Way To Tell If Cream Cheese Has Gone Bad
Most home cooks can relate to purchasing an ingredient and only using it for one recipe, after which it idles in the fridge for a while. If you have old cream cheese sitting around after making cheesecake or another dish, here are some ways to tell if it's spoiled before you jump the gun and toss it out.
Signs that your cream cheese has gone bad include changes in appearance and color, such as yellowing, mold specks, a slimy texture, or dryness. Another red flag is if you see dried-out areas of cheese around larger pools of liquid, or if you pick up "off" odors that smell overly sour, pungent, or moldy.
Taste of Home says that unopened cream cheese packages last up to one month past the date printed on the box. Once opened, though, cream cheese should be consumed within 10 days; nobody should ever put themselves at risk for foodborne illness, so when in doubt, throw it out!