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The Best Way To Soften Cream Cheese
Softened cream cheese is essential for some cooking and baking recipes, since the consistency of the cheese can alter the entire texture of the dish. The most obvious way to soften cream cheese is to leave it out on the counter for two hours max, but if you want to soften it quickly while still ensuring it’s safe to eat, try this method.
The quickest way to soften cream cheese is by letting it sit in a warm water bath, which doesn't take more than 15 minutes. Leave the cream cheese sealed in its foil wrapper and place the block in a bowl of hot tap water; make sure it's fully submerged and flip the block every few minutes if you'd like, though it's not necessary.
You don't want the water to be boiling hot for this warming method, so hot water straight from the tap works just fine. This set-it-and-forget-it technique is better than heating cream cheese in the microwave, which can do an uneven job or even melt and cook the cream cheese, which can negatively alter its texture.