Vegan Burrito with Black Beans, Common Beet, Rice and Arugula
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The Best Way To Season Burritos For Full Flavor In Every Bite
The burrito is a beloved staple in restaurants and homes all over the world, and while early burritos were most likely filled with leftovers, many recipes today make for massive, deliciously overstuffed wraps bursting tons of ingredients. However, beyond selecting your fillings wisely, you need to make sure they're seasoned properly.
The possibilities for burritos seem endless, but try not to overdo it, so you can give each ingredient the treatment it deserves. Select your ingredients wisely, then cook and season each one individually; for example, you can add a well-rounded flavor to otherwise plain rice by cooking it in broth and adding herbs and spices.
Typical spices for burrito meat and vegetables include salt, garlic, and pepper, as well as paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper, so don't skimp on the flavorings when cooking them before they go into your burrito. Of course, toppings like salsa, hot sauce, guacamole, and jalapeños help out in the flavor department, too.