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The Best Way To Remove Bitterness From Olive Oil
The bitterness of olive oil is caused by a naturally occurring compound called polyphenols, which can also be found in red wines. Bitter-tasting olive oil is typically fresh, and there are methods you can use to mellow its flavor.
According to Olive Knowledge, one option is to add an acidic component, like lemon juice or vinegar, which can neutralize the bitterness. You can also try this restaurant trick: mix your olive oil with sunflower oil in a 50:50 ratio and reduce the amount of sunflower oil over time as you develop a taste for olive oil "au natural."
Marisa Bloch Gaytan, an olive oil sommelier at Pasolivo, recommends mixing in a bit of sea salt for a more balanced flavor. Finally, you can bathe olive oil in boiling water to get rid of its bitterness, although it can lose some of its health benefits when heated.