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The Best Way To Re-Use Tea Bags
Whether you favor black, green, or herbal tea, this beverage is an incredibly popular way to jumpstart your morning, refresh yourself in the afternoon, or unwind after a long day. What many tea lovers don't know is that you can get the most out of your tea bag or tea leaves by re-using them.
Studies have shown a connection between regularly drinking tea and a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more, and all "true" teas made from tea leaves are high in antioxidants. You can reap the most flavor and nutrients from your tea by double- or even triple-steeping your tea bags.
To avoid a weak tea after its first "virgin" steeping, use good-quality tea bags and add 1 minute to the steeping time for each re-use. Plus, with each additional steep, you may unlock unique flavors in your tea bag that you wouldn’t taste in the first cup; however, if you prefer loose-leaf tea, there are also ways to reuse your leaves.
One of the best uses for already-brewed tea leaves is to mix them into food or desserts; try adding some used tea to your oatmeal or sweet rice pudding. You can also infuse melted butter with tea leaves or throw the leaves into the batter of your dessert. Some teas, like black tea, can even be used to tenderize meat.