Traditional Irish champ is an easy side dish made with potatoes and green onions close up in the bowl on the table. Vertical
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The Best Way To Prevent Watery Mashed Potatoes
Struggling with the consistency of mashed potatoes is a battle we all know, and with 80% of water already inside them, trying not to dilute them even more while cooking can feel almost impossible. However, sometimes it isn’t about how we prepare the potatoes while cooking, but what size we’re cutting them at the very beginning.
Larger potato chunks allow less moisture to sneak in during the boiling process, resulting in a more concentrated flavor with every bite yielding pure delight. Look for red and Yukon gold potatoes at the grocery since they will hold their shape better, and leave the smaller and more moisture-attracting russet potatoes for baking or roasting.
The best practice is to cook your potatoes whole with the skin on, as the skin will act as a barrier to keep more moisture away, and once cooked, you can then peel the skin off. The only thing left is to mash, add your butter and cream, and season to taste, and you'll have yourself a perfectly textured side dish.