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The Best Way To Prevent Eggs From Sticking To A Cast Iron Skillet
For some reason, cast iron can cause your fried eggs to stick, although Food Crumbles note several issues that can cause it. Many theories exist about what can cause your eggs to stick to your cast iron — but here’s the best way to prevent your eggs from sticking to your cast iron skillet.
Per Lodge Cast Iron, the secret to preventing eggs from sticking to your cast iron pan comes down to the oil you use and the temperature of your skillet. The makers recommend using a 10.25-inch pan to make your eggs and heating it for 5-minutes on medium-low before you start, and sprinkling a little water into the pan till it sizzles.
For the oil, butter or bacon fat tops their list, but you can also use vegetable, coconut, or even canola oil — just make sure it coats the entirety of the bottom of the pan. Lodge Cast Iron recommends turning the heat down, because the skillet retains heat and the eggs continue to cook, but the sticky mess is avoided.