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The Best Way To Prevent Eggs From Cracking While Boiling
It's hard to beat eggs when it comes to versatility, whether you're preparing an egg-centric dish or using them as an ingredient in other recipes. Boiling eggs is one of the simplest methods of preparation, or so you'd think, until your eggs crack when they hit the hot water — here's how to prevent that from happening.
If you're cooking multiple eggs, it helps to use a large pot so the eggs won't bump into each other while boiling. However, an even more effective tip to prevent cracking is to start the eggs off in a pot of cool water, then bring the water to a boil, rather than dropping the eggs into already-boiling water.
If you drop whole eggs into boiling water, the temperature difference between the eggs and the water can cause the shells to crack. Just place the eggs in the pot with cool water from the tap, then bring the eggs and water to a boil at the same time; also, it helps to bring your eggs to room temperature first.