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The Best Way To Position Ham In The Oven For The Juiciest Outcome
Ham is a popular American dinner centerpiece, especially around holidays like Easter and Christmas. Regardless of which type of ham you’re cooking, there are techniques and tips you can use to maximize its juiciness and flavor, and one often-overlooked factor is the way you position the ham in the oven to roast.
Many hams are conveniently sold pre-cut, like spiral-sliced ham, which can come either boneless or bone-in. Either way, always place your ham cut-side down (fat side up) on a roasting pan and cover it with foil to help retain its moisture; you can even add a little water or wine to the pan for added juiciness.
Also, if you want the juiciest ham, go with a bone-in cut, as these tend to be more juicy and flavorful than boneless cuts. You can also glaze your ham with honey, jam, or other sweeteners for an alluring crispy texture and added flavor, though this step is optional and the ham will turn out great so long as you cook it right.