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The Best Way To Order Tequila At The Bar Like A Total Pro
When choosing a tequila, you can pick from three types: “Blanco,” “reposado,” and “añejo.” You need to familiarize yourself with these before you can order the liquor like a pro.
“Blanco,” “silver,” or “plata” is typically an unaged tequila with a clear color and bright, herbal, spicy flavor, with a robust booziness that can be off-putting to newcomers.
“Reposado” tequila has been aged in a barrel for two months to a year, resulting in a smooth, light gold liquor with fruity, sweet flavors balanced by a hint of vegetal notes.
“Añejo” tequila is aged for over a year in a barrel, resulting in a golden color, extremely smooth finish, and notes of caramel, wood, and vanilla.
While any tequila can be ordered and enjoyed neat, añejos are easiest to sip by themselves, while blancos work well in fruity cocktails and reposados can be enjoyed either way.
You can also ask your bartender for a tequila flight, but try six brands at most to avoid palate fatigue. You can also ask for very strong tequila to be diluted with water or ice.