Hand grabbing popsicle off a surface covered in colorful popsicles and berries
The Best Way To Keep Popsicles Frozen When They're In A Cooler
In order to keep your popsicles frozen on hot summer days, you’ll need the right kind of cooler. Ditch the styrofoam ice chests and invest in a high-quality cooler.
Next, line the bottom of the cooler with a big block of ice and put the popsicles on the bottom so they will stay frozen for longer. You can also top it with another layer of ice.
Since cold air sinks, the coldest part of the cooler is at the bottom. Also, coolers are opened and closed often, so the items at the top get more heat exposure and melt faster.
To keep popsicles especially frigid, increase the contact area between popsicles and ice by removing them from the box or wrapping them in foil and placing them in bags of ice.