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The Best Way To Fix Soup That’s Way Too Spicy
Many home cooks have accidentally scorched their taste buds by over-spicing their food, which may seem impossible to fix. If your soup ever winds up so spicy that it's barely edible for you or your guests, here is an easy fix to lower the heat level, so you don’t have to throw your dish away and start from scratch.
Dairy is effective at combating the heat of spicy foods due to the presence of casein, a milk protein that disintegrates capsaicin, the spicy chemical irritant that gives hot spices their kick. Products like plain yogurt, sour cream, or heavy cream can be added to your soup or other dishes to take the heat down a notch.
Add a small amount of dairy to your soup, give it a taste, and then add more if needed. Milk substitutes like oat milk don’t contain casein, so if you can't consume dairy, try adding extra water or broth instead; this may water down the flavors of your soup, but you can always add more seasoning — just don't overdo it again.