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The Best Way To Ensure The Perfect Texture For Stuffing
Stuffing is a staple side dish at Thanksgiving, goes great with gravy, and can be made with all different types of add-ins — and while it is traditionally intended to be cooked inside the turkey, many just cook it in a baking dish. There are many ways to make delicious stuffing, but getting the texture right can be tricky.
While you can mix your stuffing up with practically anything you want, adding too many ingredients can seriously mess with your stuffing since the bread acts as the binder for the ingredients. When the ingredients outweigh the binder, it makes for a stuffing that easily falls apart or one that doesn’t stick together at all.
A great way to ensure your stuffing is well balanced is to make sure the other ingredients only equate to half of the amount of bread in the dish. Additionally, only one cup of broth should be used for every 4 cups of dry mix; this way, your stuffing is sure to turn out with just the right texture every time.