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The Best Way To Clean Plastic Containers In The Dishwasher
Synthetic plastic, first made by the British inventor Alexander Parkes in 1862, is unavoidable in the modern world, especially in our kitchens as tupperware and storage containers. The food stains that stick to the sides of containers, however, seem to be unavoidable as well but can be minimized.
Before anything else, always wipe down and clean off any leftover food residue left in any dishwasher safe container. Also, don’t be shy to toss out containers that aren’t meant to be re-used as they’ll warp in the dishwasher’s heat, and ones that show signs of damage, discoloration, or stains, it’ll only go downhill from there.
When your dishwasher-safe container is ready for washing, place it on the top rack for reduced heat exposure and face down to prevent water from collecting inside. Place them in the center of the rack, away from other dishes, for a more thorough cleaning, and don't be afraid to drain them if any water accumulates in the brims or crevices!