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The Best Vegan Milk For Extra Silky Avocado Pudding
Avocado pudding is a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional dairy-based puddings, and it can easily be made vegan, especially with the easy addition of plant-based milk. Avocado is creamy enough on its own to make a satisfying pudding for breakfast or dessert, but adding this plant milk will make it extra luscious and silky.
If you're looking for an avocado pudding with a light, yet silky consistency, almond milk is the addition for you. You can make an amazing pudding base using nothing but the avocados and the almond milk, and after that, extra sweeteners and flavorings are up to you, including agave or maple syrup, vanilla, and cocoa powder.
As an alternative option, full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream will make for the absolute richest avocado pudding that's still vegan, as recommended by MasterClass. Even a more decadent pudding will still carry the health benefits of avocado, including beneficial fats, plenty of protein, and various vitamins and nutrients.