A roast chicken in a cooking pan
The Best Types Of Wood To Use For Flavorful Smoked Chicken
Chicken is mild in flavor and can easily be overshadowed by stronger flavored woods, so for good balance, opt for fruit woods like apple and cherry.
Opt for fruit woods like apple and cherry for flavorful smoked chicken. Their subtle smokiness enhances the mild taste of chicken without overpowering it.
Just as apple pairs with chicken, apple wood imparts a sweetness that accents savory smoked chicken. Don’t let the meat smoke for too long, or it could impart off-putting flavors.
Cherry wood is another good choice, but it's more assertive than apple, so be mindful when using it. Search for a chicken robust in flavor, if possible.
You can also only use cherry wood to smoke the more flavorful bits of the chicken, such as the legs and thighs, which have the right amount of fat.