Stockpile of french toasts with fresh strawberries on ceramic plate and pink cloth napkin over white table. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Best Types Of Bread For French Toast
French toast, known as “pain perdu” in France, is a versatile dish that offers an array of bread options. Choosing the right bread is tricky as it needs both flavor and sturdiness, but the following types of bread are perfect for french toast.
Challah bread is a simple bread consisting of eggs, oil, and sugar and has a pillowy-soft interior and a subtly sweet flavor. Recognized for its artfully braided exterior, challah bread is often used for bread pudding but is also great for French toast.
The country loaf is another bread perfect for French toast due to its thick crust and soft center and is used by Food Network chef Marc Murphy in his French toast recipe. Its texture lies between a baguette and whole-grain loaf and is stretched instead of kneaded, giving the country loaf its moist, flavorful center.
Brioche is a sweet, soft, rich French bread with a golden exterior, ultra-soft texture, and rich taste. Chef Robert Irvine uses brioche in his French toast recipe, and as per St. Pierre Bakery, it is versatile and tastes delicious with everything from burgers to sandwiches to French toast.
Flavored bread can also be used for French toast, including banana bread and cinnamon raisin bread. Other unique recipe combos for French toast include Apple Cinnamon Waffle French toast, S'mores French toast, and Red Velvet French toast.