Mexican enchilada in a baking dish with the ingredients on the table. vertical view from above close-up
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The Best Type Of Tortilla To Use For Enchiladas
Based on a simple formula of tortillas, fillings, and sauces, enchiladas are a delicious and endlessly customizable comfort food. With so many mouth-watering options for fillings and condiments, the type of tortilla you use for enchiladas may be an afterthought, but the tortillas can actually make or break your final dish.
Because enchiladas are laden with sauces and fillings, you need a tortilla that can hold up to all that moisture without becoming a soggy mess. Corn tortillas are the optimal choice for their extra flavor and their ability to resist sogginess and hold their shape when rolled, unlike flour tortillas, which absorb way more moisture.
However, there are still some precautions to take when using corn tortillas to make sure they don’t become soggy. Frying them in a pan gives their exteriors a crispy, protective layer that stands up to lots of sauce, which is important because traditional enchiladas are dipped into sauce before they get rolled up.