Breakfast tacos on a cutting board
The Best Type Of Tortilla To Hold Up Hearty Breakfast Tacos
Corn tortillas are perfect for hearty breakfast tacos due to their thickness, sturdiness, and authentic flavor, making them an excellent choice for holding multiple ingredients.
Unlike flour tortillas, which may buckle under the weight of a loaded taco, corn tortillas maintain their structure. They are small, so you could use two to extend the length.
With various sizes and thickness options, corn tortillas enhance the savory earthiness of Mexican flavors, providing the perfect base for a delicious breakfast taco.
Yellow corn tortillas have a richer corn flavor than white and blue, which both have a mellow nuttiness and earthiness. They can be found at local stores or Mexican markets.
Once you get your skillet nice and hot, corn tortillas need a quick 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side. Stacking corn tortillas also offers extra protection against breakage.