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The Best Type Of Sweet Potato To Use For Pie
One reason why a recipe might not turn out well is because you used the wrong variety of produce. While some fruits and veggies come in many breeds with varying flavors, textures, and uses, common sweet potatoes are a bit easier, since there are only three main types; however, one type is better than the others for making sweet potato pie.
The most common variety of sweet potato is the Beauregard, which is large, firm, has the sweetest flavor, and great biscuits, mash, and more, while the Jewel variety, the second most common, is slightly less sweet, but still suitable for many purposes. However, the Garnet sweet potato is the best choice for pie.
The Garnet, which has purple-red skin and bright orange flesh, plus a deeper flavor and smoother, thicker texture than other varieties, makes for the best pie, as well as other baked treats, salads, and soups. A big advantage is that the Garnet is not too sweet, so you can sweeten your sweet potato pie only as much as you like.