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The Best Type Of Pizza Dough For Beginners To Master
Making homemade pizza dough may sound intimidating — maybe even unnecessary — but depending on the style of crust, it doesn’t have to take much extra effort for a spectacular result. Different kinds of pizza dough come with their own rules, but there’s one particular style that is easier to throw together than the others.
Sicilian pizza dough is as simple as homemade dough can be, with a distinctively delicious spongy, focaccia-like crust, crispy bottom, and easy-to-form rectangular shape. This forgiving crust's flavor develops without the need for a slow-paced fermentation process, and it can be whipped up, baked, and eaten within hours.
Additionally, Sicilian crust forgoes intensive kneading and rolling thanks to its water content; you can simply mix the dough in a stand mixer before putting it on a baking sheet. Rather than working to stretch the dough yourself, you can let it stretch on its own, then spread it gently across the sheet before popping it into the oven.