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The Best Type Of Pasta For Homemade Mac And Cheese
When it comes to mac and cheese recipes, there's a lot of discussion about what type of cheese to use, yet there's not much guidance on what kind of pasta to use. Although elbow macaroni has been the unofficial pasta for the dish, other types of pasta can be used for homemade mac and cheese.
As noted by Kitchn, pasta is a crucial part of mac and cheese since it's half the dish. The site recommends avoiding long, thin pasta like spaghetti, angel hair, linguine, and fettuccine, which aren't the right type to grab and hold onto the rich cheese sauce.
Instead, use pasta shapes featuring "nooks and crannies," including hollow and tubular pastas, since they catch cheese sauce more than smooth ones. Examples of these types are penne, ziti, campanelle, bow ties, corkscrewed fusilli, and cavatappi.