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The Best Type Of Mushrooms To Pair With Your Steak
Mushrooms are packed with umami flavor and are the perfect complement to steak, as their umami enhances the rich flavors of the meat since mushrooms are full-bodied and deep in flavor. There is a wide range of mushrooms available, but some simply go with steak better than others.
The perfect accompaniment to steak is a cremini mushroom, sometimes known as a "baby bella," which is essentially a younger portobello. Creminis are brown, much smaller, and rich in flavor, and combining their umami and distinctively earthy taste makes them perfect for steak.
Cremini mushrooms are delicious when sautéed quickly with butter and herbs, making a hearty side dish for any steak or perfect for throwing right into the pan alongside a steak. In addition, they are an ideal base for making a creamy mushroom sauce.