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The Best Type Of Milk To Use In Sweet Potato Pie
When making a creamy sweet potato pie, using the best ingredients matters. The classic, creamy pie is made with sweet potatoes that have been boiled, baked, or microwaved before being mashed and combined with other ingredients and spices; however, for the best sweet potato pie, a particular ‌milk should be used in your recipe.
When making sweet potato pie, there are five mistakes to avoid: not baking the sweet potatoes, using pumpkin pie spice, not baking the pie correctly, not giving the pie enough time to rest, and not using canned milk. Canned milk is common in the warm South, so it is recommended to use this type of milk for the Southern-based pie.
Besides intensifying the pie's creamy texture and providing density and a sweet flavour that milk cannot provide, evaporated milk also contributes protein and calcium to the dish. For the greatest sweet potato pie, use evaporated milk instead of half & half, cream, and dairy substitutes.