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The Best Type Of Knife For Cutting Tuna Might Be A Sword
The world of cuisine is full of different ingredients, and each ingredient requires different tools and preparation. For instance, the enormous tuna that carve through the ocean with speed and power require an equally impressive knife for butchering, and Japanese butchers use an incredibly unique tool to get the job done right.
The maguro bōchō knife, or "tuna knife" in Japanese, seems more like a sword at first glance, with a large, thick handle and blades that range from 15 to 60 inches in length. However, this tool is more practical than it seems, and is especially suited for Japanese cuisine, which heavily features well-butchered, well-prepared fish.
Butchering enormous tuna fish often requires the work of several people, but the maguro bōchō makes things speedier with its long, sharp blade and sturdy grip; they are also called oroshi-hocho or "wholesale knives" because they're so common at fish markets. However, unless you’re a tuna master, maybe leave the use of this tool to the pros.