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The Best Type Of Honey To Pair With Dark Liquors
Honey can add depth and a thicker, richer texture to alcoholic drinks, as well as a hint of local flavor, since honey is a "locavore" ingredient that gets its characteristics from the plants of the region where it was made, per Serious Eats. This is how to take advantage of these unique characteristics when pairing honey with liquor.
Tales of the Cocktail reports that lighter honeys play well with lighter spirits, and darker honey matches with darker spirits. Serious Eats characterizes dark brown buckwheat honey as earthy, woodsy, and funky, with flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, making it the best honey to use in drink recipes that include bourbon, rye, or rum.
On the other hand, mild orange blossom honey carries notes of citrus, and is suited for lighter gin and vodka cocktails. Smoky chestnut honey pairs well with Scotch or Irish whiskey, and if you need an all-purpose, easy-to-use honey ASAP, light and vanilla-scented clover honey can be used in almost any drink that calls for a touch of sweetness.