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The Best Type Of Grits For Shrimp And Grits
The practice of grinding corn and turning it into a porridge originated centuries ago among Native American populations, and today, corn grits are a Southern American staple. Grits pair beautifully with rich, savory ingredients like the shrimp in classic shrimp and grits, but there is one type of grits that suit this dish better than others.
There are four standard types of grits: instant grits, "regular" grits, "quick" grits, and finally, stone-ground grits, which are the best for shrimp and grits. Stone-ground grits, favored by professional chefs, are made from the whole corn kernel, including the germ, which gives them a coarse, toothsome texture and rich corn flavor.
The hearty texture of stone-ground grits can carry jumbo Cajun shrimp and gravy without turning into a soupy seafood porridge, and the corn flavor complements the seafood with being over- or underwhelming. If you want a lazier version of shrimp and grits, you can use quick grits and add dashes of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.