Man pouring coffee in a cup, alternative coffee brewing method, using pour over dripper and paper filter.
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The Best Type Of Grinder To Use For Pour Over Coffee
To make the best pour over coffee, you'll want freshly-roasted whole coffee beans that you grind yourself, but your technique and equipment matters. Coffee grinders come in electric or manual versions, and while different grinders suit different needs, there are some grinders that you should avoid altogether.
If you're off-grid or just a low-tech purist, a manual grinder is probably the way to go, but avoid blade grinders. Burr-style grinders are the only ones that provide a uniform coffee grind, which is essential for extracting the essence of the beans when using the pour over technique, but not all burr grinders are the same, either.
You’ll want a burr grinder that lets you adjust the size of the grinds, which rules out many models on the market. A high-quality burr machine produces smooth, consistent coffee, and allows you to avoid an uneven grind that can lead to under- or over-extraction, which will put a bitter brew in your cup.