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The Best Type Of Glass For Your Next Pour Of Bourbon
It can be tempting to grab whatever glass you can find if you really want to pour yourself some bourbon, but for a special occasion, you should give yourself and your guests the best experience by reaching for a specific kind of glassware. There's one glass that is recommended by experts to maximize your bourbon's potential.
Glencairn glasses are the perfect shape for bourbon tasting, as the curved design helps capture the distinct aromas that each bourbon offers. Once you pour the liquor, the aroma helps to kick your other senses into gear, and a glass with a tapered funnel can help direct those distinct notes of nuttiness and caramel right up into your nose.
The bowl-shaped base of a Glencairn glass also shows off the color of the liquid gold bourbon inside, and the base of the stem rests comfortably in your hand. This glass is intended to hold about 1.7 fluid ounces, and tasting packs typically come with caps and glass pipettes to help drinkers capture aromas and carefully dilute drams.