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The Best Type Of Dishes To Make With Crab Claw Meat
Crab meat is sold in varieties that are labeled and graded differently, depending on which part of the crab the meat comes from. Crab claw meat may not be as in-demand as jumbo lump, but it has a high fat content and concentrated flavor that pairs great with cocktail sauce or butter, and it can also be used to great effect in recipes.
Crab claw meat works very well in soups, especially a filling chowder, like our Crab and Corn Chowder recipe that uses corn, potatoes, carrots, chives, chicken stock, crème fraîche, and crab claw meat for an unparalleled depth of flavor. Another option is bisque, a creamy pureed soup in which crab claw meat is the star.
A seafood shack staple in coastal communities is fried crab claws, a hearty and decadent appetizer with widespread appeal. If deep-frying isn't your thing, try crab claw sushi rolls, which include meat from snow crab claws and clusters as well as spring onion, cucumber, nori, red and yellow peppers, and a hint of mayonnaise.