big cheeseburger with melted cheese shot with glitterly background and selective focus.
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The Best Type Of Cheese That Melts Seamlessly Over Your Burgers
It’s not always easy to get the cheese on your burger to melt perfectly, so the type you choose is crucial, and there’s one cheese in particular that works better than the rest.
The ideal cheese for melting is American cheese, which was made with melting in mind. We mean the kind that’s processed, a little orange in color, and sold in individual slices.
Slices of American cheese are pretty thin and contain milk protein concentrate, skim milk, and milkfat, which make the cheese melt at a much lower heat than other types.
This will yield much gooier results, and you don’t even have to add your cheese slices until your burger is a minute or two away from being finished since it melts so quickly.
Other cheeses that melt quickly are soft varieties like mozzarella, cheddar, and gruyère. However, none can match the simplicity of the quintessential American cheese.