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The Best Type Of Canned Tomatoes For Your Pasta Sauce
For some recipes, canned tomatoes are superior to fresh tomatoes, due to their versatility, ease of use, and ability to stay fresh for longer. However, when it's time to cook up a batch of pasta sauce, you'll find out that canned tomatoes come in a ton of varieties, just like fresh ones — luckily, we know which type is the best for your sauce.
Whole peeled tomatoes are often the least-processed, most fresh-tasting canned tomatoes you can buy, and they also give you more control of your pasta sauce's final texture. You can thoroughly blend your whole peeled tomatoes for a super-smooth sauce, or crush them by hand for a more hearty and rustic texture.
The one caveat here is that different brands of canned tomatoes can differ in flavor and quality, so research the brands available at your grocery store and maybe spend a little extra to make sure you buy high-quality tomatoes. No amount of flavor-boosting ingredients can turn a bad tomato into a good one, so shop wisely.