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The Best Type Of Bread For Avocado Toast
It's absolutely possible for anyone to make perfect avocado toast at long as you know what you're doing. The easiest way to mess up avocado toast is by choosing the wrong bread, and when it comes to this popular dish, some breads are clearly better than others.
The best bread options, according to Avocado Toast Recipes, are sturdier, denser breads like whole grain, multigrain, and sourdough. Not only will you have a proper foundation for your yummy avocado, but you'll also have a healthier breakfast.
Whole grain and sourdough bread, while providing the proper sturdy base for avocado toast, also give your meal a more satisfying complexity of flavor, particularly when you blend in the right flavors and textures in your toppings. The slices of bread you want to avoid are rich and delicate ones like brioche.