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The Best Type Of Bread For A Tomato Sandwich
Summer is when tomatoes are at their juiciest, and there are countless dishes you can make with them, such as caprese salads and gazpacho, or you can can them to enjoy in the winter. The tomato sandwich, however, is one of the simplest ways to use fresh, ripe tomatoes, but first you must determine which type of bread is best for it.
The bread is one of the sandwich's most important ingredients, and therefore you want a piece of bread that doesn't interfere with the tomato's distinctive flavor and texture. Although many people like densely seeded bread or crusty French loaves, tomato sandwiches do not call for heavier bread.
According to Southern Living, you want to choose "the thickest, whitest sandwich bread you can find." If you really want to elevate your humble sandwich, Southern Living also suggests using the Homestyle White Bread from Publix market and Taste of Home adds that anything "soft and fluffy white" is ideal.