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The Best Type Of Beef Cut For Pepper Steak
While some people might think that pepper steak is a specific cut of steak, it is actually a dish made up of thin slices of steak meat with thin strips of bell pepper, onion, and an array of spices. Selecting the most desirable steak cut is important to have a restaurant-quality pepper steak dish at home.
In pepper steak recipes, the steak cooks fast; therefore, for a firm, tender, and sweeter flavor, pick fresh flank steak, sirloin, or round steak as opposed to frozen. Rough steak cuts have more connective tissues that require longer cooking times to breakdown during a slow-cooking method.
Flank steak is an ideal cut since it is affordable, lean, and flavorful that cooks quickly, while a round steak is extra lean yet big on flavor. Top sirloin is a more expensive cut of steak, but when thinly sliced and cooked, it has a texture and flavor that is like tenderloin steak and melts in your mouth.