Woman in the kitchen using an immersion blender
The Best Times To Use An Immersion Blender In Place Of A Hand Mixer
Immersion blenders and hand mixers can mix and whip directly in a pot or bowl, but there's a key distinction between them: The immersion blender chops while it mixes.
An immersion blender has sharp blades like a countertop blender. So, when you don't want the ingredients you are mixing to be chopped up, choose a hand mixer, and vice versa.
An immersion blender's long, slim shape can easily fit into tall glasses. When tackling dense mixtures, it allows for precise control and customization, creating an ideal texture.
Most notably, an immersion blender creates velvety soups and sauces directly in the cooking pot. It can also create denser whipped creations by incorporating air.
In baking recipes that require aeration, the hand mixer's ability to incorporate air efficiently ensures the best light and fluffy texture and creates the perfect consistency.
The dual whisking heads can also pull apart cooked meat without pureeing it to make pulled pork or shredded chicken effortlessly.