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The Best Temperature For Cooking Meatloaf
Meatloaf's classic all-American recipe includes ground meat, seasonings, binders like eggs or breadcrumbs, and a ketchup-Worcestershire sauce, but there are countless variations of this classic dish around the world. No matter which recipe you're following, you should cook your meatloaf to this temperature for a juicy texture.
To guarantee that your meatloaf is safe to eat and turns out delicious, use a meat thermometer to measure its internal temperature; once the internal temperature has reached 160 F, the meatloaf is done. To ensure great results, start by baking your meatloaf in an oven set to 350 F; then, take it out 15 minutes before it's done cooking.
Close the oven door once you've taken the meatloaf out, insert the meat thermometer into the meatloaf, then return it to the oven to finish cooking to that perfect temp of 160 F. Opening the door a quarter of an hour before the load is done means the oven's temperature won't fluctuate as much and will ensure even results.