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The Best Technique To Add Onions To Mashed Potatoes
Nothing is more satisfying and comforting than mashed potatoes, a classic side dish that is a must at the Thanksgiving table. Basic mashed potatoes can be jazzed up with various toppings, or you can mix flavors right into the potatoes before serving them; onions are a great addition to try.
Potatoes and onions are an ingredient pairing that goes exceptionally well together. A great way to get concentrated onion flavor into mashed potatoes is to caramelize the onions first, as this brings sweetness and depth of flavor to the party. The type of onion you choose is important, as well.
To get the best onion flavor, caramelize a naturally variety onion such as Vidalia, then gently stir them into your mashed potatoes. For a smoother texture that still gets all-in on caramelized onion flavor, slow-cook the onions and purée them with a hand blender before folding them into the fluffy potatoes.