Variety of pizzas and Boston city
The Best Spots To Find Pizza In Boston
Florina Pizzeria
Florina Pizzeria in Beacon Hill specializes in tantalizing Sicilian-style and standard, New York-style pizza slices, though they serve impressive paninis, too.
If you order a single slice, you get a quarter of a pie. The Sicilian selections are also drool-worthy, with soft and fluffy crust and a perfect amount of cheese.
Union Park
Union Park Pizza in Black Bay isn't a greasy slice joint. Its pies are only available in 10-inch and 16-inch sizes and covered in some of the tastiest toppings.
The dough for the crust is made with flour imported from Italy, and it delivers a perfect flavor balance. You get a light color and slightly soft bake on the bottom of the crust.
Ciao! Pizza
Ciao! in Chelsea is a delicious wood-fired pizza joint, which also boasts some of the best Neapolitan pie in Boston. Much of the joint's menu focuses on Italian meats.
Its pies are all 11 inches in diameter, so you can order one for yourself and eat it in a single sitting. You can also grab a Nutella pizza, topped with fresh mint and mascarpone.
Area Four
Located at multiple spots in Boston, Area Four's main draw is its sourdough crust. This ferment imparts a unique tang and extra moisture to the crust.
Area Four is also known for adding creative spins to classic pies. For example, it uses soppressata on its Not Pepperoni pizza and adds heat to its Clam Oreganato pie with chilis.
Dirty Water Dough
Located at Back Bay or East Boston, Dirty Water Dough Company's pizzas have soft and perfectly risen dough. It also has an extensive selection of specialty pies.
Dirty Water also has options for a variety of dietary preferences. You can order your pie with a gluten-free crust, vegan cheese, or turn any of its pies into a hand-held calzone.