Charlotte skyline behind biscuits and gravy
The Best Spots For Biscuits And Gravy In North Carolina
Krankies Coffee
Krankies' biscuits are buttery, super fluffy, and balanced. The coffee shop’s gravy goes great with the slightly spicy chicken that’s often paired with the biscuits.
Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken specializes in buttermilk, cheddar, and blueberry biscuits. Its gravy is smooth, thick, peppery, and highly flavorful.
Flying Biscuit
The Flying Biscuit Café offers soft, flaky, and thick biscuits topped with granulated sugar. The gravy is creamy but also very chunky and has a peppery flavor.
Elmo's Diner
Elmo's Diner’s biscuit is flaky and has a soft top with a tougher bottom. The gravy has a good, peppery flavor and is more sweet than salty.
Sunrise Biscuit
Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen makes biscuits that have great flavor, a strong exterior, and a soft interior. The gravy has a thick texture and umami flavor.