A hand holding a slice of pizza
The Best Slice Shops You Can Find Throughout Manhattan
Francesco's Pizza
A beloved family-owned Upper West Side spot, Francesco's Pizza serves a variety of passionate pies, including the margherita and the pepperoni pizza.
Francesco's has the perfect cheese-to-sauce ratio. It's saucy and gooey without compromising the pie's integrity, from crisp edges to the chewy, tender dough.
Grand Street Pizza
Grand Street Pizza is a trendy spot in the Lower East Side. One of its standout features is its specialty offering: the white pizza, topped with pesto.
The grandma pizza, with its square shape, bright tomato sauce, thicker crust, and heavy layer of sauce, is also a classic. You can hang out to eat or grab a quick slice to go.
Joe's Pizza
An icon of the quintessential New York City slice shop, Joe's Pizza has locations all over the city, with the most popular one being in Greenwich Village.
All their pizzas are delicious, but the pepperoni and the plain cheese are classics, with thin and crispy crust that holds up well under the weight of the toppings.
At L'industrie, you can actually taste the high-quality ingredients. Pizzas like margherita and pepperoni have an outstanding crust and dough with a satisfying chew.
The specialty pies like the Burrata Slice use some of the best cheese and meat in the city. The shop can get hectic in the middle of the day, so get there early if you can.
Mama's TOO!
Located on the Upper West Side and West Village, Mama's TOO! serves innovative and high-quality pizzas, inspired by its founder's passion for pizza.
The menu features standout items like the Angry Nonna and the Cacio e Pepe Pizza. The joint is known for its crispy and airy crust, generous toppings, and dynamic flavors.